Privacy by design with Skycryptor

Developers can add end-to-end data encryption, strong authentication, and trust management into their apps with few lines of code without being a cryptography expert or be facing any technical complexities.

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Secure all kinds of apps

Skycryptor security can be built into many kinds of applications, with an emphasis on distributed storage, secure sharing, PII and PHR protection,  role-based access control & collaboration.

What is Proxy Re-Encryption?

Proxy re-encryption is a revolutionary public-key encryption method that permits a third-party proxy to transform ciphertexts from one public key to another, without the proxy is able to learn any information about the original message.

The powerful features of cyphertext transformation eliminate most functional constraints associated with standard public key cryptography.

  • No advance knowledge of recipients is required
  • Scales well in case of N-to-N secure data exchange
  • Provides Powerful Key-Rotation techniques
  • Enables Access Revocation after Secure Sharing
  • Based on standard cryptographic assumptions

Skycryptor for Hyperledger Fabric

Only data-level encryption can ensure a sufficient level of data privacy in different security conscious Fabric applications. A typical scenario is a requirement of keeping ledger data private from the Ordering Service or a subset of peers in the private channel.
SKYCRYPTOR GO SDK is the easiest way for Fabric developers to add data-level security and cryptographic access control to their apps.